summer breeze.

wiley wears:

dress: old navy
sandals: madewell
     wow,  this post made me realize that i am partly sad for the summer to come to an end.  it has become so easy to throw on a pretty floral dress and sandals with a bright coral lipstick and be done with it.  once fall comes, although i'm very excited for it, i am sad to let go of the easy days of summer where two pieces make an outfit.  for today i decided on this ruffled navy floral dress and my beloved saltwater sandals.  a few weeks left of the breezy days of summer and i'm very much looking forward to planning my fall wardrobe.  until then, i will go with the simplicity of the warm summer air.


  1. a beautiful summer dress. I really miss

  2. Saltwater Sandals are the best-looking shoes ever made. I'd love to see you wearing them with socks!