the final piece.

wiley wears:

vest: old navy
maxi dress: f21
necklace: f21
gladiators: jeffrey campbell
     i have seen vests like this everywhere and i finally found one i loved when i was home and shopping with my mom.  she didn't quite understand how much i had been longing for this piece.  it's the final* piece i will need to create my complete fall wardrobe.  i love the way it perfectly layers over my summer maxi dresses and i have so many ideas for the fall.  

what's that 'final' piece you need for your fall wardrobe?

*there will probably be a new final piece needed about a week down the road


  1. I am glad that you put an asterisk beside final piece because in actuality there never is a final piece...

  2. Isn't that vest one of the MOST useful pieces EVER?! Now you can see why I wear mine all the time!