a spring wedding.

wiley wears:

dress: anthropologie (c/o kate)
earrings: vintage
heels: banana republic
     yesterday jeb and i drove to conneticut for our friends' wedding and i wore this little ensemble.  (clearly i was in a joan holloway frame of mind.)  kate sent this dress in our cross country swap and she knew it would be perfect for the occasion.  i find it difficult dressing for weddings that fall on the cusp of a new season, but this teal burnt velvet number was absolute perfection for a chilly spring day.  i played around with different accessories, but found myself drawn to these vintage black floral studs.  i thought they'd complement that black sash at the back of the dress and make it easy to pick shoes and a purse.  once i had the earrings on the whole outfit quickly fell together.  my leather peep-toes and patent leather purse were the perfect pieces to finish off my early sixties look.  
    as for hair and makeup, i've been playing around a lot with my signature high bun, and this braided updo is one i'll be repeating over and over again.  with bright red lips and nails, black eyeliner and mascara i was ready to take on the world.


  1. Very retro!!! Mad Men, here you come!

  2. All I keep thinking in Hollywood Glam when I look at these photos. Gorgeous

  3. You look so pretty! Hope you had fun.