seventies child.

wiley wears:

top: gap
skirt: ben sherman
necklace: from beach shop
flats: gap
     another bright and springy outfit, or more a springy top.  this shirt is from almost a decade ago, but i love the pattern too much to let it go.   the 70s pattern and fit goes perfectly with the trends in the fashion world right now.  isn't it always nice when something you love and hoarded for so long comes back in style?   i find it easiest to wear with earthy colors, since the mixture of neon green, magenta and a floral pattern is pretty in your face.  today i decided to add a bit more flare with a bright pink beaded necklace.  a simple ponytale, tiered skirt and flats finished off the outfit for a simple, yet put together look.


  1. I love the sleek hair and the way the brown skirt allows the bright red tones from your shirt and necklace to pop. very retro

  2. i love that top! Looks great on you


  3. I still have my shirt like that too!
    Just can't seem to part with it!