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the hunger games by suzanne collins :: oh my, how do i start here?  do i maybe have an affinity towards young adult fiction?  the answer is yes.  if it's meant for an eighth grader than i will most likely fall deeply in love with it.  after harry potter and twilight i knew i needed a new fix.  the hunger games were the answer to my prayers.  thrown into a futuristic world, the hunger games introduces you to an amazing cast of characters.  katniss, peeta and gale will be the new bella, edward and jacob in no time.  i am warning you that you will need to buy all three at once and you won't be able to put any of them down.  the hunger games gives you a perfect opportunity to get to know the storyline and characters...which you will need throughout your journey through this series.

chasing fire by suzanne collins :: this is a continuation of my above pseudo-review.  really i just want you all to go out and buy these books so we can all go see the movies together next year.  i don't want to give anything away, so i have to stop typing about this...before i start blabbing.

the help by kathryn stockett :: this book deserves every ounce of credit it has been given.  i could not put this book down.  the characters are so deeply written and having skeeter as the story's protagonist only helped me in forging my connection to the book.  skeeter is such an honest woman who is dealing with all of the things girls of that time, and today, have to face.  the novel discusses some of the most difficult parts of segregation, but by giving the characters around the dilemma voices and ideas, the reader is able to gauge his or her own feelings on right and wrong.  i thought it was a beautiful story of love, growing up and standing up for what you believe in.  please go pick this one up.  i'll bet you a dollar you'll love it!

another bullshit night in suck city by nick flynn ::  another recommendation from lin.  this one was such a winner.  nick flynn is so honest, like someone you met in college.  he tells the story of his life and the current disconnect he feels from his father.  with a lot of information on homelessness and homeless shelters, i found it to be informative.  it is only through the combination of this information and a son's story of his homeless father that the book begins to make sense.  i feel so jumbled in my feelings on this book.  the struggles that nick feels often brought up a pain that hit close to home, but i loved the book.  nick flynn is a genious.  read this...mostly if you live in boston.

now that i've given you an update on what i've been reading,  i would love to hear what you've been reading.  summer is coming and i will need at least a book a week, so there is some pressure here, my friends.  i'm currently reading steve martin's born standing up, but don't have anything else on the bookshelf for the next read.  please please please give me your recommendations.

thanks, loves!

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  1. I'm currently in the midst of True Grit, which is incredibly amazing. I've not seen the film yet and am grateful for the book-before-the-movie path I'm on.

    If you've any desire for a spunky, smart, amazing female protagonist give True Grit a try.