wiley wears:

jacket: j.crew (borrowed from jeb)
tee: j.crew
black jeans: bdg
belt: h&m
panama hat: uo
shoes: vintage dexters
     yesterday i went to mayfair with a bunch of my friends.  it's one of my favorite events in harvard square each year.  we ate 'the world's best pulled pork sandwiches,' people watched and drank beers in the charlie's beer garden.  such a wonderful way to spend a sunday afternoon.
     i've been on the look out for a great vintage army coat, and realized yesterday that jeb's beloved j.crew jacket would work perfectly for the look i was going for.  since it is a men's jacket, i belted it to give it a bit more shape.  sunnies and a panama hat were the perfect accessories for a warm(ish) spring day.


  1. love this outfit, it is so cute especially all put together with the belt and shoes!!


  2. lovely! i really like the army green & pop of turquoise, great unexpected color combo. <3 EverRubyGirl.blogspot.com

  3. nice new hat! love the look.