the man cardigan.

wiley wears:

tee: target
cardigan: target
necklace: anthropologie
jeans: levis
flats: jeffrey campbell
     this is an after work outfit.  jeb and i headed to the north shore to see our friend's senior art show.  after a day spent in a pencil skirt and button up, nothing seemed more appropriate than an oversized tee, sweatshirt cardigan and comfy jeans.  i wanted to make my outfit look a little more put-together, so i added my silver beaded anthropologie necklace, suede eyelet flats and pale pink lipstick.
     the cardigan is kind of a funny story.  i love a man in a fitted cardigan, but jeb doesn't quite get my obsession with these so-called 'man cardigans.'  through the fall and winter i constantly picked them up on shopping trips trying to persuade him to just give one a try.  time and time again i was turned down.  flashback to a few weeks ago when i found myself in the men's section at target to grab some white tees and i happen to see a whole slew of man cardigans on the super clearance rack.  i thought jeb would love it...it's one of his favorite colors, made of sweatshirt material, and only five dollars.  i made an impulse purchase, vowing that i, myself, would wear it if jeb didn't like it.  he tried it on, said it wasn't his thing and i quickly added it to my own wardrobe, because it's really comfortable and i love myself a cardigan.  (this weekend at the lake jeb was cold.  he quickly asked for the cardigan because it was right there.  and he looked damn good in it.)


  1. I love stealing man clothes!!!

  2. You look adorbs. I love how flawlessly your look comes together.

  3. i think it looks better on you than it would jeb. just sayin.

  4. love this laidback outfit!