moody blues.

wiley wears:

dress: alexander mcqueen for target
blazer: vintage donna karan
cotton pencil skirt: american apparel
tights: uo
shoes: natacha (bought in Buenos Aires)

     this dress was such an amazing find. who knew i would ever own a mcqueen?  i love the exposed zipper, but wish i could belt the dress without it looking like too much detail.  sorry for the wrinkles in the second picture.  i wanted to show off the neat zipper and lace details.  i decided to wear my am.ap. pencil skit underneath to add a new layer and a little length to make it work-appropriate. it also doubled as a great second layer to keep my legs warm on this chilly day.  i am absolutely loving that tights can so easily turn a summer dress into a winter one.  it's like every time i try it with a new dress i am sure it won't work and then, guess what...it does!

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