love em' or leave em'.

wiley wears:

dress: target
tights: uo
scarf: shepard fairey exhibit
belt: vintage
boots: target
     i love, love, love this dress.  the perfect LBD for almost any occasion.  the ruffles are my absolute favorite part of the dress.  it was great for a night of dancing to pretty lights!  these tights definitely have a love em' or leave em' feel.  i love them, but it's always important to try and keep the rest of my outfit simple when wearing them, so i opted for a simple black dress with lots of girly details.  i added my favorite vintage beaded belt and this awesome shepard fairey scarf to keep it interesting.  you can't see in the picture, but the scarf has a peace sign made from a scattered collage of handguns.  if you haven't seen shepard fairey's work, you should check him out immediately.
hoping everyone had a fabulous weekend!
here's looking forward to a a short work week and a long holiday weekend!


  1. No mention of accessories??? i.g. the vibrant yet functional push top fuchsia sharpie ;)