the truth about leggings.

wiley wears:

sweater: vivienne tam
vest: old navy
necklace: anthropologie
leggings: american apparel
purse: steve madden
flats: thom browne
     this weekend provided the much-needed rest and relaxation i was longing for.  all summer we were away almost every weekend, so the fall has been much looked forward to.  i have a lot of weekends coming up in the city and i'm looking forward to spending time with my friends, finalizing the decor of our new place and sleeping in.  
    today i spent a few hours hanging art and photographs with caroline and then we headed out for a walk to do photos.  i have to admit that leggings are still an integral part of my weekend wardrobe.  as long as i have a top that goes mid-thigh, i think they work just as well as black skinny jeans.  the cargo vest has become my early fall staple and my new bag will now be attached to my shoulder.


  1. Loving the new Steve Madden bag. I also like how the vest brings the whole outfit together!

  2. I saw a homeless man wearing that same vest this weekend.

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