east coast corvettes.

wiley wears:

tee: vintage
shorts: f21
panama hat: uo
     going along with the chill vibe of the weekend, this was probably my favorite outfit.  i wore this for our day at the seafood festival and later to frolick and do gymnastics with my sister on the beach.  jeb found this shirt while thrifting, and lucky for me, it was too small and perfectly my size.  this is my shout out to jeb's dad, john, since he's our resident corvette man.  i like to tuck my tees into these higher waisted shorts to pull the look together a little more.  the day really didn't call for much more than a panama hat, sunnies and barefeet.
     thanks paige and nathan for taking such fun photos.  you two are my favorite photographers!


  1. Great photos and a fun outfit. The hat is the perfect topper for a day at the beach.

  2. i lovee that hat! it's adorable on you.

  3. stunning photos! best. shirt. ever.