the rules of summer.

wiley wears:

top: target
bandeau: f21
shorts: miss me (borrowed from jill)
sandals: jeffrey campbell
panama hat: uo
      i've been a terrible blogger of late and promise to try my best to be better this coming week.  i have a great 'wily wiley reads' coming up with all non-fiction reads and a few outfit posts scheduled throughout the week.  as the summer keeps quickly rolling by, i've been finding myself more focused on running off for the weekends and spending the weeks playing catch-up, than i have been at documenting each day.  i hope you'll all forgive me.
     it was 95 today in new hampshire so i went for cool and comfortable.  these silk shorts, from jill, may catch in the breeze, but they are perfect for a sticky day.  as for my beatles tank, i found this at target a few weeks ago and thought it would be great for days exactly like today.  comfort is key in the heat and i can't pretend that i adhere to any strict fashion codes as the tempertaure nears 100 degrees.


  1. Hello there,
    I ended up here by accident from stumbleupon, But I'd like to say that you look absolutely stunningly gorgeous! I love pictures like these, makes me smile (not a smile of mockery, just a smile of admiry :) ) I just had to tell you incase you are one of those people who aren't told nearly as much as they should, you sound and look lovely! :)

  2. nice shorts! forgot you had them :)