style scout: color combinations.

3. maroon, orange, kelly green.

     in all honesty, part of me has missed having this space.  it feels great to have left behind the pressures of posting, but my eye keeps catching things that i want to share.   not sure this will be a return to the blog, but i thought i would post a few of the ensembles that have caught my eye. 
     color blocking is obviously very on-trend, and has been for quite awhile, and there are a number of pairings that i think have been done again and again in editorials and on the runway.  above are a few outfits that i thought reinterpreted the color blocking trend.  a pale shade of coral and dark shade of green?  who would have thought?  these pairings have all made me rethink some of my own pieces and i hope they do the same for you.  now is the time to try the partnering of colors you may never have thought to couple before.
what colors do you love together?


style scout: friday date night.

     fall is the one season that i think i love being in love the most. i adore both ends of the autumn spectrum; cozy nights indoors and exciting outdoor adventures.  walking around the city on fall evenings is the absolute best, so i thought it only made sense to pick some outfits for my favorite fall activity.  friday date nights.  after a long week of work it feels great to throw on something a little extra special and hit up a local favorite spot for dinner and wine.
     i wanted to pick looks that could easily transition from a day at the office to a night on the town.  each of these outfits could evolve from day to night with the right shoes or accessories.  i lean towards more feminine pieces for nights out with jeb, so skirts and dresses are a must.  i will admit that the second look has me inspired to try some dressier looks with jeans.


wily wiley reads.

how to buy a love of reading by tanya egan gibson ::: this novel tells the story of an awkward high school girl who's parents decide that as a show of wealth and privilege they will buy their daughter her very own work of fiction.  carley's parents hire a young writer to figure out why carley doesn't like to read and make a book that conforms to her every interest and whim.  gibson's novel goes on to describe, in great detail, the fabulous and troubled lives of society's elite, and how knowledge can be used as a tool of wealth. 
i picked this book up at an office book swap a few months ago and was warned that it was being given away because it was a nearly impossible read.  (the sentences are long, the characters quite unlikeable and the attempts at telling a fluid story are sometimes lacking.)  i have to agree with most of these ascertains, but in the end i did find myself connecting to two of the main characters..although it did feel too late in the game to really change my mind after abhorring these same two characters for the most of the book. 

the solitude of prime numbers by pablo giordano ::: another novel about teen angst and another book i was warned i may find depressing.  in this novel's sadness was a great deal of beauty.  the book begins with chapters describing the events that stunt mattia and alice's psychological growth and ability to connect with others.  jumping ahead to their awkward teenage years, mattia and alice become close friends, forming an alliance over their childhood experiences.  the novel follows the two from childhood to adulthood and explores the way the two characters can never escape their circumstances.  giordano's background in mathematics shines through the novel, as mattia is a mathematical genius, but it never became too abstract for a 'words girl' like me.  i really enjoyed this novel and though giordano did a wonderful job of fleshing out the two main characters so that the reader feels their shared pain.

what are you reading?


street fair.

wiley wears:

dress: uo
bandeau: f21
scarf: vintage
sandals: madewell
     today felt like my official last day of summer.  there was a street fair in my neighborhood and for some reason each year feels like a personal farewell to the warm weather.  we sat in an open-air cafe and drank beers while we listened to music and watched a pretty strange puppet show.  now i'm taking the opportunity to stay in and bake some banana bread and cook an italian feast for dinner.  fall is upon us and i am ready for the cooler weather coming this week.
     i wanted to be comfortable today, but i also wanted to wear something that i knew would stay hanging in the closet until the warm days of spring next year.  i thought this cotton and lace shift dress would be the perfect choice.  i love this mauve shade and paired with a gray bandeau it was great for walking through the crowed street fair.  in this muggy weather, vintage scarves have been my savior.  they keep my hair dry and out of my face all day and make it easy to run out of the house on a lazy sunday.  sunglasses and a tote completed the outfit for a day of grabbing freebies and sampling delicious foods.


style scout: bonfires.

     with the fall comes my favorite evening activity.  bonfires.  i have so many great memories of bonfires, both in the city and back at home, and i often find myself at a loss for what to wear.  that mix of style and comfort is important for late night hangouts by the fire.
     after scouting my favorite sites for inspiration i think i found that comfortable cotton tees and sweaters with a favorite pair of denim is the best combination.  pendleton sweaters are such classic pieces and a breton striped tee will never go out of style.  bonfire season is all about wearing the pieces that make you feel cozy and warm during those perfect crisp nights.
     this search has left me craving some spiked apple cider!


wily wiley reads.

the art of racing in the rain by garth stein :::  i would not describe myself as a 'dog person.'  don't get me wrong, i love dogs, especially duncan and molly, but i typically don't pick up novels about dogs, and most definitely not novels told from the perspective of a dog.  i absolutely loved this book.  it was equal parts sweet and funny and equal parts sad and thoughtful.  stein does an incredible job of writing through the eyes of enzo, the lovable pet of the swift family.  i may never look at a dog the same way again. (i compare these feelings to those i felt after reading watership down.)  i encourage anyone who is an animal lover to pick this book up.  i don't want to give away a second of this sweet read.

everything changes by jonathan tropper ::: my obsession with jonathan tropper continues.  by the end of fall i will have completed all of his novels and i can already see that i will be left craving more.  i see that tropper is often compared to nick hornby, and i do agree with this to a certain extent, although i think that tropper is quite a bit more witty, and says the things that hornby never would.  if you are a hornby fan, i would say give tropper a try.  everything changes sticks to what tropper is great at; telling the story of a messed-up man in his early thirties.  zack king's life is crumbling around him and hilarious hijinks ensue.  zack's family and best friends are one hysterical cast of characters who keep the laughs coming, but still feel very relatable because they each face their own struggles.  i fell in love with zack like i do with each of tropper's main characters.  his struggles and triumphs are told through a voice that sounds so much like someone i've known my entire life.  if you aren't on the tropper bandwagon yet, it's time.


jean jacket.

wiley wears:

blouse: vintage
jean jacket: gap
trousers: madewell
necklace: beach shop
flats: thom browne
     a quick post before we head out for shabu shabu.  i've been in love with this 'so-ugly-it's-pretty' blouse since the day i found it.  i love the bright reds and magentas and thought, why not top it off with more pink and coral?  i added this beaded necklace and used black pants and flats to ground the outfit.  adding a jean jacket has been a go-to since this fall weather began.  long live the jean jacket!